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SM72b: Sato Variations on a Japanese Air

Junichi Steven Sato: Variations on a Japanese Air (“Kōjō no Tsuki”) for violoncello and piano

ISMN: M-58001-004-9
Price: US$14.95 New Price: US$10.95 (plus shipping and applicable sales tax)

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Japanese composer Rentarō Taki’s immensely popular setting of “Kōjō no tsuki” (“Moon over castle ruins”) paved the way for Japanese music of the 20th century. These variations on Taki’s beautiful melody, written to commemorate the 100th anniversary of his death, intertwine Western styles with imitations of Japanese instruments and sounds. There is also a polythematic variation where Amazing Grace is used as a coexisting theme.


“Beautifully written with very interesting harmonization.”

—Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, cellist


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First page of Variations on a Japanese Air:
Sample first page of Variations on a Japanese Air
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84-second audio clip from the beginning of Variations on a Japanese Air:


Item number: SM72b
ISMN: M-58001-004-9
Suggested retail price: US$10.95
Instrumentation: Violoncello and piano
Level: Early advanced
Pages: 15 (score) + 7 (cello part)
Size: 9×12"
Release date: 2002
Duration: ca. 10:30