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Junichi Steven Sato: Vincentian Mass for presider, cantor, assembly, SATB choir (optional), piano (or organ) and guitar (optional)

ISMN: M-58001-006-3
Price: US$9.95
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This is a choral/accompaniment edition. The assembly edition can be found here.

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This is a musical setting of parts of the Mass according to the English translation of The Roman Missal, Third Edition (2010) that is sure to appease those who are looking for a more Classical-music approach. Melodies are syllabic and memorable, allowing participants to focus more on the meaning of the words. Bulk discounts are available.


Penitential Act, Form C
Gospel Acclamation
Mystery of Faith, Form A: We Proclaim Your Death
Mystery of Faith, Form B: When We Eat This Bread
Mystery of Faith, Form C: Save Us, Savior of the World
Doxology and Amen
Agnus Dei


Coming soon


Item number: SM90a
ISMN: M-58001-006-3
Suggested retail price: US$9.95
Edition: Choral/accompaniment
Instrumentation: Presider, cantor, assembly, SATB choir (optional), piano (or organ, adaptation required), and guitar (optional, chords only)
Pages: 23
Size: 7-1/4×10-1/2"
Release date: 2013
Duration: ca. 8:00

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